Wahhabi cleric threat of attacking and killing the civilian population of Damascus (6 milions)


ISIS: Damascus People Leave Their City Head to the Desert

The title you read is correct, it was during a TV interview with a NATO-backed Wahhabi cleric who warned the people of Damascus to leave their jobs, their homes immediately and head to the desert where it’ll be more secure for them.

Such talk shows are not intended to the western opinion, such TV and radio stations with thousands of publications, sermons and online forums are intended for the less fortunate, ill-educated, impoverished masses, whom became what they are after the US-led self-proclaimed ‘international community’ brought their countries ‘democracy’.

Dr. Moath Safwat, supposed to be a PHD graduate in Wahhabism, accused the people of Damascus and its countryside, counting more than 6 million if we do not count the displaced who took refuge there, to immediately leave their jobs as working in government and public institutions is aiding the regime he calls ‘sectarian, racist, infidel and apostate’. When his interviewer asks him where the people should go he replies: ‘Go to Ragga, Aleppo, Turkey or go to the desert’ to ‘clear the way for his mujahideen to reclaim the injustice they suffer from the Syrian regime’.

When the people become a burden on the ‘revolution’ that came to ‘rescue them’, a Wahhabi cleric, a commander in the anti-Islamic ISIS, the ‘Iraq & Sham Islamist State’ (Al-Qaeda) can appear comfortably on a TV station and threat with impunity millions of CIVILIANS with severe consequences after he justify any killing against them of being aiding the infidels, their own state.

Watch this video clip:


Worth noting that the European Union, the US and their Arab stooges has taken off air, off satellite, Syrian state media and Syrian based media including alternative media in order to manipulate the information war. (Example: http://democratic-syria.blogspot.com/2013/03/misleading-media-on-syria-shaping_29.html)

The ideology of Wahhabism which the Muslim Brotherhood organization is built on is based on the idea that a ‘state’ is a non-Islamic body that should be fought, army and police forces are state troops and not nation troops, thus attacking them is part of the holy war they perform to get their 72 virgins nobody promised them. In order to achieve their goals, they manipulate, misquote, take out of context verses of the holy Quran and parts of the prophet PBuH Hadiths (sayings).

In this particular video clip, the ‘cleric’ takes a part of a Quran verse and use it as he pleases:

The verse from Surat Al-Maidah addressing Muslims not to ally with Chrisitians or Jews against other Muslims, it actually says: ‘O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people‘ – transliteration from http://quran.com/5/51

It doesn’t ask citizens to disobey their own state, but the fools will buy whatever these anti-Islamic NATO aligned Islamists sell them, they who ally with NATO and Zionism against other Muslims, like Turkey member state of NATO, then Saudi, Qatar and others with NATO bases on their soil to protect them from Iran!!








2 thoughts on “Wahhabi cleric threat of attacking and killing the civilian population of Damascus (6 milions)

  1. This is a NATO double speak because NATO’s Al Nusra Front is losing the war against the Syrian Arab Army and people.

  2. What a joke!! I cannot believe this. It’s sad how they only seem to target the lower class who might buy into this. Enough with the bloodshed.. Bless Syria and the Syrian Arab Army

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