37 civilians martyred, dozens injured in Hama terrorist suicide bombing


HAMA – 20/10/2013 (SANA-by B.Mousa/Ghossoun)- Thirty civilians were martyred as dozens were injured when a suicide terrorist blew up a truck near the Agricultural Mechanization Company at the outskirts of the central province of Hama.

An official source said that a suicide terrorist bomber blew himself up in a truck loaded with 1.5 tons of explosives at the eastern entrance of Hama towards al-Salamiyeh area, martyring thirty citizens and injuring dozens.


The number of martyrs is likely to rise due to the critical cases among many injured people, according to the source.

The terrorist bombing took place amidst heavy traffic when a truck filled with gas cylinders for domestic use was passing by, which led to their burst, in addition to causing heavy material losses to more than 32 cars and residential and trade buildings in the area, the source added.



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