Syrian Arab Army prepares for al-Qalamoun battle while ISIL attack al-Bab town near Turkey

al-Qaeda organization

Syrian Arab Army prepares for al-Qalamoun battle while ISIL attack al-Bab town near Turkey

Syrian Arab Army has launched a series of operations against the headquarters of the armed terroristic militias in al-Qalamoun areas of Damascus countryside.

Meanwhile al-Qaeda affiliated organization has taken control over a town in the north of Syria near the Turkish borders (thanks Turkish military intelligence protection) after battles with Free Fake Army mercenaries.

Syrian Arab Army prepares for al-Qalamoun battle.

A series of operations have been launched by Syrian Air Forces against the strongholds of the armed gangs in Yabroud, Deir Atiah towns and the northeast Hosh Ghareb and the east of Malulla.

Syrian Arab Army  has also struck the armed gangsters in each of al-Rhaibeh and Khan al-Sheeh towns, as many reports indicates that the Syrian Arab Army will soon launch al-Qalamoun battle against the terrorist groups there.

 “ISIL” controls al-Bab town near Turkey

The so called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”, just a branch of al-Qaeda criminals with a different denomination, has attacked  al-Bab town (Aleppo countryside) yesterday.

Severe clashes occurred between “ISIL” (al-Qaeda) and fighters of Free Fake Army in al-Bab to take  control over the town.

Media sources closed to the terrorist organization say that ISIL fighters have made the al-Saraya building, which is near the Turkish borders, their headquarters.


Syrian Breaking News – 22/10/2013

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2 thoughts on “Syrian Arab Army prepares for al-Qalamoun battle while ISIL attack al-Bab town near Turkey

  1. Today, there is no slightest doubt that in Syria there are two forces facing each other: NATO, the US, UK, Al Qaida, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey on one side and rest of humanity on the other side. Thus, when John Kerry says President Bashar Asad’s 2014 re-election bid will prolong the conflict in Syria he admits the U.S. direct role in the war of aggression against Syria. This is a part of broader agenda which include systemic campaign bombing campaigns against Russia leading to the Sochi Winter Games. So the war against Syria is a dirt fascist geopolitical war. Syria must win and very soon. God Bless the Syrian Arab Army. Russia must increase military aide to Syria for not only to help Syria but the sake of the security of Russia itself.

  2. The future of Syria is in the hands of the Syrian people. Syria has strong leader, strong army and strong friends-most of all Russia, and secondly, Iran. Syria is the hope of the entire Arab and Muslim pride and dignity. Future of Syria cannot and will not be determined by her enemies.

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