Yarmouk Palestinian Resistance fighting while Terrorists Attacked Gas Pipelines


Yarmouk Palestinian Camp’s Resistance

For a long time Syria’s Palestinians managed to stay out of the bloody war. But the infiltration of foreign terrorist fighters with big dreams-nightmare and even bigger promises of money, forced the residents of Yarmouk in southern Damascus to choose sides and take up arms against the terroristic militias.




Massive blackout in Syria after terrorist groups blast gas pipeline

Large parts of Syria have plunged into darkness after a huge blast targeted the main gas pipeline feeding electricity stations south of the country.

The explosion caused massive but partial power outages in all Syrian governorates.




Electricity Minister: Electricity gradually returning, power to be fully restored in 48 hours

Minister of Electricity, Eng. Imad Khamis, said that the electricity is returning gradually to all areas, adding that the power will be fully restored to all areas within 48 hours.

Earlier Wednesday, a terrorist attack on the gas pipelines, which feed the electricity generating stations in the southern area, has caused electricity break off in a number of Syrian cities.


News from SANA, PressTV, Russia Today – 24/10/2013

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