Syrian women defending their families, homeland, honour



Are Defending Their Families, Homeland and Honour, Not the Foreign/Takfir Zionist Interests




Recorded from from Russia Today television
by #Freelancers_Network





4 thoughts on “Syrian women defending their families, homeland, honour

  1. This is great story. However, Syria needs to use all her productive forces wisely including women. I do not think the authorities in Syria are doing that completely yet. Syria is facing a total war of aggression and a result, Syria needs a total mobilization of all her productive forces and women should play key role in the total mobilization of all the productive forces. Syria’s Arab Army alone must not be allowed to fight the global jihadists as this will train the army and weaken it. On the contrary , the entire society must stand up and fight the terrorists. God Bless Syrian Arab Army. Long Live Syria.

  2. Syrian Army is bring hope and pride to the entire world and particularly to the entire Arab world which has experienced centuries of humiliation under British and American colonial domination. The Style of the Syrian Arab Army is distinctly similar to that of the CCCP Red Army in WWII.

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