Damascus will not leave any citizen without food and medicine



Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi on 29/10/2013 stressed the Government’s readiness to provide all logistic support and medical and food supplies to help reach every citizen who found himself/herself in need due to the crisis in the country.

During his meeting with the Head of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Abdul-Rahman al-Attar, al-Halqi made it clear that the government will not leave any Syrian citizen without food and medicine.

He stressed keenness to carry out the national vaccination campaign targeting 1.3 million children and ensure the delivery of relief aid to all regions without exception despite the hindrances posed by the armed terrorist groups.

Premier al-Halqi hailed the positive role which the SARC organization plays in the field of providing medical, food and relief assistance to the needed citizens despite its cadres being continuously targeted by the terrorist groups.

Al-Attar, in turn, thanked the government for all its support, noting that the SARC monthly distributes 450,000 food baskets in the various provinces.


SANA/H. Said – 29/10/2013

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