Aleppo: Syrian Army gains momentum, hopes of armed gangs dwindle ~ Latest News and Military Events (+2Videos Eng/Esp)

the real Syrian Free Press

Syrian Arab Army-20131125


Syrian Arab Army’s rapid and successful takeover of the strategic town of Sfireh and nearby villages just to the south of Aleppo city has armed opposition visibly shaken.

For too long they’ve been complacent and overconfident that their control over much of Aleppo province was unchallengeable. But a number of significant factors have changed this calculus and proved to be a rude awakening.

This has hastened a shotgun wedding of several major Islamist factions fighting in Aleppo in the name of the Islamic Front as well as a call to arms and a lockdown in areas of the city they control.

A curfew was imposed, and the only crossing from opposition-held east Aleppo into the regime-held western part was pwemanently shut, which meant students couldn’t go to university and workers, especially civil servants, couldn’t get to their jobs. Residents of Aleppo now face the bizarre notion that to travel…

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