IMAGES of the Cleaning of Der Attiyeh from Obama’s Thugs (Text + Video English subt.) ~ GRAPHIC

the real Syrian Free Press



Syrian Arab Army General Command: Armed forces vanquished terrorist groups that sneaked to Deir Attieh

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that army units have managed Thursday to vanquish terrorist groups that sneaked to Deir Attieh city and stationed in a number of building blocks and state institutions.

In a statement released on Thursday, the General Command said that the operation has left big numbers of terrorists of several nationalities killed.

”Our forces’ operations are rolling on successfully, pursuing the residual terrorist groups in the adjacent areas in order to fully ensure the safety of the international road,” the statement pointed out.

The General Command reaffirmed faith in victory and pledged full preparedness to carry out its constitutional duties. ”The criminal acts and terrorism practiced by bearers of takfiri thoughts and their funders serve to sharpen our resolve to track down the terrorist gangs and…

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